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Exploring Gender in Political Institutions: An Interview with Elin Bjarnegård

Elin Bjarnegard serves as an Associate Professor in Political Science and a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her academic portfolio extends to include affiliation with the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. She encompasses the expansive realm of comparative. politics, with a distinct specialization in gender dynamics. With an accomplished background as a Senior Lecturer in Political Science, she offers expertise in Development Studies, guiding students through courses like Development Policy in Practice, Gender, Power, and Institutions, as well as Gender and Economic Development. Beyond her instructional roles, Dr. Bjarnegärd's research journey takes us to an insightful exploration of various aspects of Thai political institutions, viewed through a gender-focused lens. This illuminating discourse encompasses topics such as formal and informal regulations, party quotas, and candidate criteria. Notably, her contributions include the development of a feminist institutionalist framework, a tool that facilitates discerning comparisons of the operational mechanisms within these political parties. For more information about her work click on this link:

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